Find Your Home with Andersen Real Estate

Find Your Home with Andersen Real Estate

Andersen Real Estate strives to exceed expectations. We take a different unique approach to real estate. One that is built on personalized service and positive results. By utilizing the latest technologies and business strategies, we are able to provide you with exceptional customer service. Most importantly, we listen, and find solutions that are tailored to you. We build life long relationships.

After listing our home for the third time, with no luck, we had decided to just keep it until one day Lucy Andersen, from Keller Williams Real Estate, rang our doorbell and introduced herself. My husband and I invited her in, and we talked about trying one more time. The market was coming back. She promised she would get a buyer for our asking price. So we decided to let her list it. With her personality, we had no doubt she would be successful. She, along with Christina Garrison, her operations manager, put it altogether, and in no time we were scheduling an open house.
Lucy came and helped me stage the house, and it never looked so good. The first three people that arrived, put an offer in. In eight days, it was sold. It caught my husband and I by surprise. Lucy had kept her promise and got that special buyer. My husband and I are downsizing, so we found a condo we liked, and we asked Lucy to represent us in the purchase, and it is going well. Thanks to Lucy and her team from Keller Williams for the wonderful work that was put into the sale of our beautiful home.

Gene & Betty Mies

We had a very pleasant experience with Lucy Andersen Real Estate. They helped us stage our home for a quick sale, were very efficient in all open house appointments, paperwork, etc. We would recommend Lucy to anyone buying or selling a home!

Dane & Susan Mathews

Real Estate Sales Recommendation from an AA neighbor
Looking for help in selling an AA home? I highly recommend Lucy Andersen whom I found to be genuine and honest, while being a professional of the highest integrity. (And she’s not my relative.) She also has a good knowledge of the local real estate arena and as the song says “knows when to hold, and knows when to fold”. In my case, she knew how to hold when I was offered 2.5% above the asking price, and not say anything about other offers, which were below that asking price. She’s a great negotiator, and “handler” (of me). For details read the following “Back Story”.
Back Story
I recently sold my duplex in Ann Arbor, and had the good fortune of “bumping into” Lucy Andersen in the process. Since I sold several other properties I owned (in various cities) by owner, I decided to try it again. Little did I know how much the process had changed over the years, and how high the stakes had risen.
Previously I simply went to an office supply store and bought a property sales contract to fill out myself. (I sold a house in Grosse Pointe with the help of a friend in real estate, who came up with a starting price. I also had the good fortune to have a real estate friend in Ann Arbor who gave me the same help. Between those two sales I sold two rentals in Detroit by myself.)
Because the Ann Arbor market had changed so radically during the time of my ownership, it presented much higher stakes. A (non-local) real estate attorney was recommended to guide me through the sales process. He was a waste of time. The only usable advice I received from him was to put a brochure box on a for-sale sign that I bought, to include details about the property. Within a few days I received four offers, so getting a buyer was not problem. But that’s when things got rocky.
I’m not quite sure what happened, but I think the attorney thought he could accept an offer for me, and when I said no (because it was lower than two others), the rejected party apparently got threatening with the attorney. That’s when the attorney told me I had to accept that offer (that I had not initialed). Lucy just happened to be at my kitchen table with another offer, when I got his call.
Because of my age, this sale was my last “hurrah”, and I became extremely anxious with his aggressive attitude. Lucy immediately took me under her wing, and I hired her on the spot to help with the process. Soon after I received another (very generous) offer, and Lucy did the rest, with ease. She’s totally worth the money! And, as a friend, she’s a “keeper”. (Andersen Real Estate 734-585-3466.)

Helen O'Connor, another satisfied Andersen Real Estate customer!

I received your card with small token of appreciation…..

This was not at all necessary!

However, thank you very, very much!

You “earned” every bit of your fee on the sale of the Parkdale home.
I sincerely appreciate all your efforts.

David Lent